Are you having difficulties securing employment that suits your needs and qualifications?   If you’re looking for employment within the Edmonton area in the Transportation, Logistics and Supply Chain field, contact us today at Group NB to find the right position for you. Our recruitment specialists have over 50 years of experience connecting companies with successful and hardworking employees. Here is some more information about the services provided by the placement agency at Group NB.

Available Positions

The placement agency at Group NB can find you positions in a variety of fields, including jobs within the Operations, Transport, Technical or Executive sectors of the industry. Some of the jobs available through Group NB include:

  • Warehouse clerks.
  • Forklift operators.
  • Local and national delivery drivers.
  • Project managers.
  • Sales representatives.
  • Financial, logistical and human resource executives
  • And many more!


Group NB posts all available positions on our online job board, making it faster and easier for you to connect with potential employers. We also use this job board to help companies locate the most qualified candidates possible to add to their team.

Other Employment Services From Group NB

In addition to our consistently updated job board, Group NB can help make finding employment easier and more effective for you by providing the following services:

  • We will prepare you with assessments and certifications necessary for the position.
  • For technical and executive positions, we will go over the process of analyzing applications and pre-selecting candidates, conducting interviews and analyzing employment history and references.
  • We have resources available to help you become comfortable in the workforce, including information ranging from first aid procedures to how to effectively deal with workplace conflicts.

Group NB: Quality Employment Services You Can Trust

With the expert knowledge, expertise and connections, the professional team at Group NB will help you secure employment quickly in the Edmonton area and help you feel confident about reentering the workforce. Our effective preparation includes training, skill reviews and assessments that will help you succeed in your new position. Contact us today at Group NB to find out more about how our recruitment specialists can help you find the employment you need.