Looking for work in the Moncton area? With employment support services from Group NB, finding a job in the Transportation, Logistics and Supply Chain industry has never been easier. We have an easy-to-use job board that connects employers with skilled operations, transport, technical and executive employees across Moncton. Group NB has been the premier recruitment specialists in Moncton for over 50 years. Here is some more information on the employment services offered by Group NB’s placement agency.

Employment Support Services You Can Trust

Group NB can help make finding employment easier and more effective for you. Our comprehensive job board is updated regularly to keep you up-to-date on the latest positions available in the Moncton area. Once you’ve found a position that matches your needs and qualifications, the employment experts at Group NB can help you prepare for the position so you feel as confident as possible entering the workforce. Once you start working, Group NB offers a series of employment services such as information about workplace safety to ensure that you have the best work experience possible.

Available Positions

One of the most important tools offered by the warehouse staffing agency at Group NB is our comprehensive job board. This online resources has job listings from companies across Moncton for operations, transportation, technical or executive positions. Depending on your skill level, experience and qualifications, Group NB can help match you with the position and company that’s best for you.

The warehouse employment agency at Group NB is not just for people looking for employment. We also work with companies across Moncton to publicize their available positions and find them qualified candidates for the job. If your company is looking for new recruits, contact us at Group NB to fill your available positions with qualified employees.

Group NB: Quality Employment Services You Can Trust

Group NB is an effective placement agency for finding a range of positions that span various fields of work within Moncton and the surrounding area. With our knowledge, expertise and connections, we can help you secure the position you want as well as prepare you to thrive in the workplace. Our effective preparation includes training, skill reviews and assessments that will help you succeed at your job and keep the contracts flowing.

Are you ready to start working in the Transportation, Logistics and Supply Chain industries? Get in contact with us today to get the process started!