Finding work within the Transportation, Logistics and Supply Chain field is not always easy.  If you’re experiencing difficulties finding employment in the Regina area, contact us today at Group NB to find the right position for you. Our certified employment experts have over 50 years of experience in the industry so you can count on Group NB to provide you with the efficient and comprehensive employment services you need.

Make Employment Easy With Our Online Job Board

Finding employment has never been easier with the online job board from the placement agency at Group NB. Our online job board allows companies to connect with potential employees to locate the most qualified candidates for a broad range of positions. We post positions with the Operations, Transport, Technical and Executive sectors of the industry, so there’s something for people of all experience levels and job backgrounds. The job board from Group NB is not only a valuable resource for anyone looking for employment; it’s also useful for employers seeking the most qualified employees possible by expanding the pool of candidates.

Our Additional Employment Services

 Besides the online job board, Group NB can help make finding employment easier and more effective for you by providing the following services:

  • Preparation for any interviews, assessments, or certifications needed to gain employment.
  • Collection of portfolio pieces and reference contacts in preparation for an interview.
  • Information about various employment procedures including first aid and workplace safety training information.

Group NB: Quality Employment Services in the Regina Area

Group NB can help you secure employment quickly in the Regina area and we can also ensure that you feel prepared to succeed within your new position. Our effective preparation program includes training, skill reviews and assessments that will help you feel more confident in your role. For more information about the services offered by the recruitment and employment agency at Group NB, contact us today.