Are you struggling to find work in the current job market? Having difficulty finding positions that match your particular skill set? Is your company looking to hire new employees but can’t find anyone with the right qualifications? Group NB has been a leader in recruitment services, specializing in industry-specific recruitment. We pair top companies with highly skilled employees across all levels of the Transportation, Logistics and Supply Chain industries. Since launching our Recruitment Division in 2007, Group NB has become one of the most trusted recruitment firms in Canada.

Our approach to recruitment is simple: we focus on providing specific and detailed job postings so that both employer and employee can find the right fit. This helps to reduce administrative times and makes the hiring process faster and more efficient.

We have a number of recruitment specializations at all levels of the industry. We have postings for operations positions, including General Workers, Forklift Operators and Warehouse Clerks. We also offer a number of Transport and Technical position postings such as Dispatchers, Technicians, and Security. We also post a number of executive positions such as General Manager, Supervisor or Consultant. To find the right job for you, browse our current job postings and contact us today.

Group NB is dedicated to providing the highest quality cleaning, property management and recruitment services possible. We help businesses all across the country. Our services are completely customizable, so you can create the management assistance program that works best for you. For more information about our services and to get started with our Cleaning, Property Management or Recruitment divisions, contact us today at Group NB.

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At Group NB, we believe that success begins with a clean working environment. That’s why we provide comprehensive residential, commercial and industrial cleaning services to ensure that every space you occupy is as clean and safe as possible. Not only does a clean environment promote productivity, it also prevents workplace accidents, boosts morale, and creates a good first impression for customers and clients.

Our residential cleaning services can tackle your floors, windows, carpeting, and home exterior, as well as your ventilation system. Our commercial cleaning services can provide all this plus sanitation and disinfection services. Our industrial cleaning program can help you to clean your warehouse, storage facility, or any large-scale property. The cleaning division at Group NB follows NAFPA regulations and standards for quality control, so you can trust our team for a safe and efficient cleaning.

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Property management and stewardship can be taxing, especially if you’ve got a number of other responsibilities to juggle. The Property Management Division at Group NB can handle all of your property maintenance and administrative needs so you can focus on other areas of your business. Our team of property management experts can oversee your entire property, or just a specific aspect of its operation. Our customizable service makes us one of the most unique property management companies in Canada. We can provide rental agent services such as pre-rental inspections and cleaning, rental property promotion, and prospective tenant visits. We can also provide cleaning and repair services, as well as administrative assistance such as rent collection, lease renewals and tenant negotiations.

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Whatever your needs, Group NB has the ability, knowledge and experience to meet them!


Group NB: Get The Management Support You Need

Managing a company can be difficult and overwhelming. Between keeping track of finances, satisfying customers and clients, and organizing your staff, it can be hard to find a minute to spare. It’s easy to let things slip through the cracks with all these different responsibilities, which can prevent your company from growing and thriving.

Group NB has been dedicated to giving companies the management support they need for over 50 years. We help companies in three areas: recruitment, cleaning and property management. The Group NB Cleaning Division provides professional cleaning services to residential, commercial and industrial properties. Our Property Management Division provides the most comprehensive property management services in the industry, including real estate and administrative services. Our largest department is the Recruitment Division, which pairs employers with people looking for jobs in the Transportation, Logistics and Supply Chain industries across the country. If you are interested in one or more of our management services, contact us today at Group NB.

About Group NB

At Group NB, we have a combined expertise of over 50 years in the field of recruitment, human resources, cleaning (commercial, industrial and residential ) and property management.

By understanding the needs of our customers, we are able to provide the best services dedicated and tailored precisely to your specifications. We provide high quality professional services while offering a fast and efficient adaptability in areas that are in constant evolution. With us you will be able to improve your administrative management and increase productivity and profitability as well.

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