As a business owner, you understand the value of quality work. That’s why at Group NB, we believe it’s extremely important to hire topnotch professionals, even when it comes to professional cleaning services.

At Group NB, we believe outsourcing your cleaning services will allow you to focus on growing your company to override your competition. No matter what kind of business you have, size or industry, we understand that the workplace has to be taken care of. Here is what we strive for as a professional cleaning service.


We believe a clean work environment is one of the most important aspects of maintaining a business. It affects everything from the image of your business to the health of your employees. Our staff have had comprehensive training to understand which cleaning tasks are required and at what frequency.


As cleaning specialists, we have a strong attention to detail when it comes to cleaning commercial public spaces and offices. We bring our expertise into our deep cleaning routines that include: cleaning of surfaces, furniture, flooring, carpeting, washrooms, kitchens etc. We take disinfection seriously and use industry-standard cleaning equipment, and we offer a wide range of cleaning solutions including:

  • Carpet steam cleaning and extractions
  • Ceramic tiles and grout cleaning
  • Window cleaning
  • Air ducts and ventilation system
  • Roof snow cleaning
  • Water damage cleaning and disinfection

… and more.


As a professional cleaning service, we strive to provide flexibility to our clients. Whether you want to modify the frequency (daily, weekly or bi-weekly cleaning) or have us come in at particular times of the year, we can work out an itinerary that works best for you.

Having a professional cleaning service that values ongoing feedback allows you to make adjustments to the plan as in when you need to. We aim to offer cleaning services that fit your budget and time constraints, and also offer special cleaning for events and additional needs, by request.


For any business, high standards of cleaning are necessary to ensure that the health of your employees is taken seriously and that you present a professional image for your company. If you’re looking for dependable cleaning solutions for your business, get in touch with us today to get the process started.