A Glance into Canada’s Agri-food pilot program

Canada’s response to its nation-wide labourer shortage

Overview of Canada’s
labour shortage

According to CIC News, the agriculture industry experienced a 3.8% job vacancy rate in Q1 of 2019 on a national level. With an industry that exports $66.2 billion dollars worth of products, and accounts for 1 in 8 jobs, they are experiencing difficulty in keeping up with the demand due to a shortage in available labouers.

Canadian job vacancy rates by province

*Data from Canadian Federation of Independent Business (CFIB)

Agri-Food pilot program

The Agri-Food Pilot Program (AFPP) under Immigrants Refugees Citizenship Canada (IRCC), seeks to increase economic immigration to particular cities in Canada that are experiencing a shortage in labourers, specifically in the following fields :
• retail & industrial butchers
• food processing labourers
• harvesting labourers
• general farm workers
– farm supervisors
– specialized livestock workers

What is our role ?

Group NB specializes in providing full staffing solutions for employers. We understand the complexities of the labourer shortages in areas that are remote and have low populations.

We assist you in :

• Getting your employer designation or LMIA
• Putting you in touch with our foreign recruitment networks around the world
• VISA process for foreign workers
• Certifications or training for foreign workers
• Integration your new employees into your company

Agri-food pilot objectives


In Q1 of 2019, there were a total of 435,000 job vacancies nation-wide


50 cities have been accepted into this new pilot program


Program is expected to attract a total of 16,000 people in three years