Winter is already in full gear. If you haven’t performed crucial seasonal maintenance initiatives, it isn’t too late to apply some of the following maintenance considerations to your property. Even if you’ve implemented a pre-winter checklist, it’s always important to perform certain tasks each upcoming year. Here are helpful property management tasks to add to your seasonal maintenance list.

Pest Control

Pest control initiatives are singlehandedly one of the most important things to consider for your property. Rats, mice, raccoons and insects can get into small crevices, holes or cracks leading into your building. This is not only bad for your building on a foundational level but it also has health implications on tenants. Pests can cause health concerns or simply present an undesirable place to live very quickly. Ensure that your residents stay happy and healthy by taking measures against pests. Seal up cracks, be weary of exposed holes or entry points and prevent infestations before they take place. A property management firm can get in contact with pest control experts to determine if your property needs work done. It’s always better to be proactive!

Inspect Your Property’s Insulation

Are your tenants complaining of drafts and cold temperatures within your building? It’s important to consider that your building may have insulation problems. Make sure to inspect your property’s insulation in order to maintain a regular, comfortable temperature within your building. Doing this will also save you on utility bills in the long run if you provide heating for your property. Even if you don’t, residents shouldn’t be paying for heating that isn’t working optimally. Insulation also makes sure that pipes do not burst, freeze or cause any additional damage to your property like flooding. Taking the time to have an inspection can save you a lot of headaches and costs in the long run.

Don’t Forget About Your Roof

If your roof is weak or not structurally sound, you may end up with damage from the coming winter. It’s ideal to get your roof serviced before winter. Repairing cracks, holes or any other damages will also ensure that your building is protected from leaks or in serious cases, flooding.

Seasonal maintenance is a lot of work but once it’s done you will reap the benefits. Investing the time and money in advance will keep you and your tenants happy and ensure that your building continues to build a solid reputation. Are you looking for property management services? Contact Group NB today!