Grout is a common thing found in kitchens, bathrooms and several areas in commercial properties. What is grout? It’s the cement that binds the ceramic tiles together to keep your floor intact. It not only keeps tiles in place, it seals the flooring to prevent leaks.

Grout maintenance is fundamentally important to keep areas clean and sanitized and it also helps to prevent build-up of dirt that can cause damage to flooring in the long run. Here is why you need a professional cleaning service for your industrial, commercial, or residential, properties to take care of grout.

The Porous Factor

No matter how many times a floor has been mopped or cleaned, dirt can still be present within grout. Grout easily holds moisture, which attracts dirt. This means, that the sticky residues that lodge between your tiles make it impossible to clean with conventional means. In fact, regular cleaning can redistribute the grime! This is why a professional cleaning service should be called in. They have the cleaning tools to break down these residues and the right cleaning products to eliminate the grime for good.

The Precision Factor

Not only do the right cleaning products need to be used, the right methods can make all the difference to how much time it takes to clean. Since grout fills all the fine cracks between each tile, it is very tedious to clean by hand and can take a very long time. Industrial grade steamers are generally used to professionally clean your tiles, remove dirt build-up and provide you with a deep clean.


Talk to your cleaning professionals for tips on aftercare to ensure that you keep your floors in tip-top shape. Our professionals at Group NB will be happy to inform you on the best practices to keep your floors in tip-top shape.

Professionally cleaning your grout and tiles regularly will not only make your property look as good as new, it could save you extra costs since you won’t have to repair the flooring as frequently. Grout cleaning and maintenance is a cost-effective maintenance measure. If you’re in need of industrial, commercial or residential cleaning services, we have 11 locations across Canada for all your needs. Get in touch with us today.