International Recruitment Agency Services In Canada

What Is an International Recruitment Agency in Canada?

An international recruitment agency specializes in helping firms find the right global candidates for their human resources needs. Canadian companies that need workers can partner with skilled employees from all over the world, while workers have the opportunity to earn money while enjoying the benefits of life in North America. As many positions in Canada remain empty for at least three months because of the nation’s low unemployment rate, expanding human resources horizons on a global scale has benefits for foreign workers and Canadian firms alike.

International Recruitment Benefits for Employers

Canada’s impressive growth in a number of sectors, including process and manufacturing, energy, and infrastructure, has resulted in a strong demand for skilled, educated professionals such as designers, chemists, scientists, engineers, and business executives. As it can be challenging to find the right individuals for these positions, more Canadian companies than ever have turned to international recruiting firms to find the ideal talent for their needs.

Accessing an experienced workforce from all over the world can support your company’s short-term needs and long-term growth alike. You can learn from the skills and expertise of these seasoned global employees while bridging the gap created by the shortage of domestic workers who are able to meet the demands of these rapidly expanding areas of industry.

Working with a staffing agency ensures that the foreign workers you hire have the correct documentation to work legally in Canada. At Group NB, we handle all the logistics, so your new team member arrives ready to start work without the hassle of tax issues, visa problems, and a lack of formal documentation.

International Recruitment Benefits for Employees

When you apply for a job with Group NB as an international employee, our detailed and expansive job descriptions will help you find the right fit for the next step in your career. If you are unable to find work matching your skills and experience in your home nation, opening yourself up to Canadian opportunities can result in a job trajectory you never thought possible.

Whether you want to apply as a mid-term employee and stay in Canada for two years or begin the legal immigration process as a long-term part of your new company, we will provide the guidance and logistical support you need each step of the way. Flexible, seasonal, and short-term positions are also available and provide a great stepping stone to your next big goal while giving you a chance to see the world.

Group NB International Recruitment Process

Finding the right candidates for any open position is easy when you work with the international employment recruiter team at Group NB.

1. One of our account managers will help you identify your needs for the position. Once you have created a job description and an application, we will file this documentation with the Canadian government so we can start the online global recruitment process.

2. When you start receiving applications, you can select your candidates and conduct interviews just as you would if you were hiring a worker from within Canada.

3. Once you’ve found the right person for the job, we’ll work with your candidate to make an offer, finalize the paperwork, and seek work permits and other documentation before the person’s start date.

Ideally, we hope to create long-term relationships between our clients and the staff members they hire through our firm. Your new employee can start as soon as three weeks from your hire date and will be under contract with your firm for two years. You can also decide to hire candidates who plan to stay with you long-term and immigrate to Canada permanently.

Positions That Group NB Recruits and Places

Group NB specializes in recruiting highly qualified international employees for rewarding careers in the supply chain, logistics, and transportation industries as well as personal service workers. For example, welders, mechanics, trade workers, construction workers, health care workers, and retirement home staff.

As these fast-growing industries continuously evolve, we anticipate the changing needs of our clients to efficiently and quickly find the ideal professionals for their needs.

We regularly recruit skilled foreign workers for both operational positions such as security, technicians, dispatchers, clerks, forklift and equipment operators, and general labour as well as managerial, supervisory, and consultant positions. A few of our most common postings include:

  • Operations: Machinists, assemblers, shippers and receivers, warehouse clerks, merchandisers, team leaders, inventory clerks, installers, equipment operators, and clerks, including those certified in light industrial skills, forklift safety, and/or transportation of dangerous goods.
  • Transportation: Delivery drivers for the United States and Canada, drivers for long-haul, short-haul, and local deliveries, and class 1, 2, 3, 4B, and 5 drivers as well as those certified in the transportation of dangerous goods.
  • Technical: Procurement specialists, project managers, security, customer service, business development, account directors, sales representatives, fleet managers, estimators, technicians, and millwrights.
  • Healthcare: Personal Service Workers
  • Executive: Consultants, supervisors, managers, general managers, vice presidents of sales, logistics, operators, human resources, management, C-suite executives, and presidents.