Lumper Jobs and Navigating the Lumping Industry

Lumper Meaning

Sometimes called lumper splitters, pick packers, swampers, warehouse labour, or simply warehouse workers, lumpers have a key role in the smooth operation of warehouses and other supply chain facilities. These employees move packages on behalf of carriers and drivers to improve the efficiency of delivery and prevent worker fatigue. Food warehousing companies and grocery stores are just two of the main industries where lumpers are in high demand. In fact, the term lumper originates from the fact that these workers were once hired to load and unload goods such as sugar and grain.

Lumper Services

Lumpers must have the physical prowess to lift and move heavy objects in a warehouse or transportation environment. Some of the key roles for a person in this position include:

  • Checking both incoming and outgoing inventory for accuracy and correcting errors where needed.
  • Transferring loose loads to pallets for seamless loading and transit.
  • Breaking down, packing, and wrapping pallets for delivery as needed.
  • Physically unloading and loading goods onto trucks and into the warehouse.
  • Ensuring correctness before each package is loaded, shipped, or stored.
  • Visiting the scene of a truck accident or breakdown to transfer freight from the nonworking vehicle to the cargo hold of another vehicle.

Lumper Fee

When you hire a lumping team through Group NB, you have several convenient and cost-effective payment options depending on your required staffing solution. Our clients have access to:

  • Hourly rates, the most popular arrangement, which benefit firms that want a standard invoice for lumping services. With this type of rate, you pay each lumper by the hour.
  • Piece rates, which can boost productivity by providing pay for each piece touched by a lumper. This may be a good option if you prize efficiency and want to speed up your deliveries.
  • Pallet rates, in which our teams both load and unload your trailers. This arrangement can help you speed up your deliveries, as well as free up your drivers and other warehouse staff for more pressing duties.
  • Trailer rates, which can be calculated either by trailer or by half-trailer. This is ideal for firms with a small inbound volume since your price varies depending on the size of the load.

Many large firms find that using a third-party service to hire lumpers can save them millions of dollars every year.